Instagram for Business

An Instagram account can help a brand to build a stronger brand image and grow trust with their customer base, even more so than other platforms. The visual nature of Instagram encourages people to create user-generated content for brands to feature and repost on their feed. If you are in the age range of 10-30 you will probably already know what Instagram is. Now if you want to learn how you can use Instagram and its marketing potentials then keep reading!


Instagram Basics

You can increase the awareness of your products and services simply by posting photos or videos of them. Instagram has 500 million monthly active users. There are 95 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, with 4.2 billion photo likes per day! That just shows how many people use Instagram daily and how people are really engaging with the content that is uploaded. You may think Instagram is just filled with selfies but I know I use Instagram to search for products and services I may want to buy or get done. For example, a ton of hairstylists use Instagram to advertise their services. This is how I found my hairdresser! You can create a business Instagram page in which it is linked to your Facebook page. This allows clients to find you easier! In my opinion, I find the interface of Instagram simple and easy to use. Nowadays, the interface of Facebook can be confusing and has to many options. I believe when it comes to advertising and promotion, simplicity is key.

Developing a Business Strategy for Instagram

When it comes to developing a business strategy for Instagram you need to start with finding inspiration. Usually the customer is looking at the picture itself so a long captain will do nothing for you. To find inspiration you need to first list products and services. Secondly, list the benefits or products and services. Thirdly, list the different ways your products are used. Fourth, ask the questions: when are people happiest using your product? Lastly, think how can you capture those special moments. Hopefully this will help you simplify what you decide to post.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is researching the competition and keeping up-to-date in regards to what they are doing. Knowing what they’re doing, the type of content they are posting, and that will help you tailor your content to your Instagram profile. Using similar hashtags to promote your products is a secret hint. Most times customers will click those hashtags that are relatable to what they are looking for. This could lead them to your page!

Now let’s talk about scheduling. You may be thinking why do I need to schedule my postings? Well, this gives your customer a schedule on when they can expect your post and they will be sure to check out your Instagram page the days you decide to post. Some of those days that stand out are throwback Thursday (#TBT) or Inspirational Mondays. If you need a little help with scheduling, check out the app ScheduGram. You can sit down on Sunday and upload your posts for the week; set the date and time you want the posts to be uploaded to your page throughout the week and ScheduGram will make it happen.

Working in the Instagram App

Instagram Stories let users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. Once you’ve posted a story, you can also see how many times each post in your story has been viewed and who has viewed it.

Instagram filters can make amateur photographers feel like pros. And if you don’t have high-end photography equipment or editing software, they’re a great way to enhance photos with just a few taps. Filters can drastically change the look and feel of a photo or video, so it’s important to use only a few that you feel best represent your brand — and stick to the few you’ve chosen. Using a different filter for every post can quickly make an Instagram feed feel unconnected.

Some things you may want to follow on your business Instagram include engagement rate and follower growth rate! Measuring engagement, which includes likes and comments, will give you a better idea of how you should be changing things and what steps to take. You want to find out the average engagement percentage of both, your total followers and per post to get a clearer understanding. When it comes to follower growth rate the number of followers you have may be considered a pride metric. However, the growth rate is not. By keeping an eye on the growth rate of your followers you will see how your content or posting frequency is making a difference.

Fine Tuning Content Posted to Instagram

#throwbackthursday #inspirationalmonday #love #photooftheday #happy #food. You may ask what those are! They are hashtags! Implementing hashtags helps people find your posts! They shouldn’t have any spaces. It is like a hyperlink. When you click on the hashtag, several posts will pop up if it’s a popular hashtag that many people use! Use hashtags to expand your reach. These can be campaign specific or general, all that’s important is that they are relevant.

You may also want to use the location function. If you tag the location, it increases the visibility of your uploads. I have used this function tons when it comes to looking at what’s going on in my community. I usually end up finding many different services happening and also promotions of locally owned businesses!

Utilizing Instagram Business Tools

Instagram makes it easy for business users! It will tell you impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, and followers you have! If you have questions about those, take a look at a few of my previous blogs, I go in-depth about what those are and how they are important to your business. Another thing that makes Instagram great is you can actually look up what they mean from the drop down menu at the bottom of the settings page!

You know the Google Home? Well, funny story… I have one sitting in my kitchen. I was recently talking about how I wanted a water pack bag so when I am running I don’t need to have a water bottle. Well about 30 minutes later I was swiping through Instagram and an advertisement for the water bottle bag popped up! Instagram has created promoted posts, exactly what popped up on my feed. Businesses can run a promotional campaign for a price. They actually use the same campaign as Facebook.

Instagram actually created a blog to help business owners! Go check it out! (Instagram Blog)

Integrating Instagram with Other Platforms

By driving traffic to a company’s social media platforms, you work to increase the brand’s overall social media influence, which then helps to build relationships and long-term customers. Embedding a business’s Instagram feed on your website is an enticing attraction, especially for your regular customers to update them on new products or services. From another perspective, it can act as a portfolio of sorts to direct prospects, giving visual examples of what you sell or do.


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